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Aubergine Solutions Named India’s Most-Reviewed B2B Design Studio in 2023

Earlier this week, Manifest named Aubergine Solutions as one of India’s most-reviewed B2B design & development studios in India. The Manifest awards the most-reviewed companies by industry and location throughout the year. To qualify, companies must be one of the most-reviewed companies in the past twelve months on The Manifest.

“India recorded a staggering growth in the B2B space, and the Manifest takes a moment to feature the devoted leaders from India’s digital landscape, and Aubergine is one of them.”

The Manifest

The Manifest is a B2B research resource blog website that aims to gather and verify the hard data, expert insights, and actionable advice needed to build your brand and grow your business – to provide the practical business wisdom that manifests in your success.

Aubergine’s portfolio includes recognition from prestigious platforms like Red Dot Award and UX Design Awards for their exceptional designs. Additionally, they’ve been honored with the Great Place to Work Award, reflecting their outstanding company culture.

The Manifest’s Most Reviewed Company Award highlights the value of cultivating close client relationships. The top businesses honored are chosen based on the volume of genuine references and testimonies accumulated over the previous year.

Aubergine Solutions: Leading end-to-end digital product development studio 

Aubergine Solutions is both a UX and software development studio and provides end-to-end solutions for digital products. They create design and development solutions for multiple industries, helping organizations optimize tech & solutions to bring high-impact, sustained growth and business success through end-to-end product development and refinement.

“We believe the market opportunity for beautifully designed user experiences is huge. We’ve taken our learnings from building world-class products at Silicon Valley in California and offer it to startups/large enterprises worldwide. And recognition like these are heartwarming because they are a testament to the digital impact we create in the lives of founders and users.”

Sarthak Dudhara & Bhakti Dudhara, Founders, Aubergine Solutions 

With 250+ projects across 10+ countries, Aubergine Solutions has positively impacted the lives of millions of users by leveraging the latest technology to build products that are fast to build, easy to scale, and smooth to run.

They partner worldwide to build premium software products that perform. Whether a budding startup or an established enterprise, its range of competencies facilitates businesses to succeed. 

Explore some of Aubergine’s past work.

Looking to build impactful digital products? Reach out to Aubergine for a free consultation here.

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