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Aubergine ranks amongst top cross-platform app developers on clutch

Cross-platform app development is the best course of action to ensure your platform runs seamlessly when launching a state-of-the-art application solution for your business. Aubergine Solutions is dedicated to providing world-class design and development solutions to companies in need. It is a proudly India-based company that raises international standards for quality and service.

“Aubergine Solutions has been supportive and understanding of our challenges as a small company. From a technical standpoint, we’re delighted with our proprietary content platform — it’s a great product to have among our offerings.”

– SVP of Product at Cubii

Since its inception, Aubergine has devoted itself to providing the best possible solutions to companies across multiple industries. Its focus is to deliver end-to-end digital products, and this dedication is the reason why they’ve steadily gained traction on Clutch.

Clutch is an independent B2B review and rating website from Washington DC that connects browsers with reliable service providers. The site helps potential corporate clients get to know different sectors, including information technology, marketing, and business services.

We owe this game-changer distinction to their support and trust. Thank you so much to everyone who believed in Aubergine Solutions Private Limited! Cheers to more exciting opportunities for us all ahead!

Sarthak Dudhara, Co-founder, Aubergine Solutions

According to Clutch’s rankings, Aubergine Solutions Private Limited is among the game-changing cross-platform app developers. The testimonials and stellar ratings provided by their clients helped them earn the wonderful distinction.

“When Aubergine started 10 years ago, we knew we needed to form the best team of digital thinkers and developers to fulfill our goals. We worked hard, and now, we’re reaping the rewards alongside our beloved clients.”

Bhakti Dudhara, Co-founder, Aubergine Solutions. 

Aubergine Solutions: an end-to-end digital product agency 

Aubergine is both a UX and software development agency and provides end-to-end solutions for digital products. They create design and development solutions for multiple industries, helping organizations optimize tech & solutions to bring high-impact, sustained growth and business success through end-to-end product development and refinement.

With 250+ projects across 10+ countries, Aubergine Solutions has positively impacted the lives of millions of users by leveraging the latest technology to build products that are fast to build, easy to scale, and smooth to run.

They partner with software product companies to bring new-age expertise to great products. Services include – Product Design Strategy, Digital Experience Design, Software Product Development, Digital Transformation, App Modernization, and Cloud Consulting. 

In the past, they’ve been recognized globally for their work through awards like the Red Dot 2022 & best UX Design Award for 2023.

Explore some of Aubergine’s past work here.

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