Optimized experience for efficient patient transport management

Curating the interactions for the Red Dot Award winning product ASENT - Adaptive Scheduling for Efficient Non emergency Transport.

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Dynamic experience to showcase adaptive patient transport scheduling

Patients undergoing medical care or with special needs, seek consistent support for traveling for their essential medical appointments. ASENT (Adaptive Scheduling for Efficient Non-emergency Transport) is a platform that helps with the centralized scheduling of vehicles with special types of equipment like wheelchairs, stretchers, walkers, and more.

The complexity of mapping diverse patients’ needs and their appointment timings as well as real-time availability of vehicles and paramedics is tackled and solved in a single unified experience. The schedule manager can observe all the jobs, visually track them on a timeline and also view them in the context of a map. The platform guides drivers through an optimized route to pick-up and drop-off patients.


A rocking team of 1 UX Designer, 6 Software Engineers and 5 QA Engineers successfully executed this project with a agile scrum based approach.

Tech Stack

“They’re very detail-oriented and suggest great ideas to improve our product.”
Product DeveloperDeccan International

Innovating our way towards simplifying complex information

“Adaptive scheduling is a fairly complex system and it involved in-depth understanding of the back-end architecture in order to surface the necessary pieces to the end user. Designing the scheduling experience involved thinking through the system architecture as well as prototyping and validating multiple solutions. I am extremely satisfied with the solution given the degree of impact this product is creating and the level of innovation we came up with.”
Bhakti DudharaDirector of UX Design, Aubergine Solutions

Making sense out of the massive set of requirements

Making sense out of the massive set of requirements

  • Deep dive into the current manual process
  • Gathering insights and connecting dots

This transport management system incorporates numerous parameters in the algorithm. To ensure complete efficiency, the platform takes into account special requirements of patients (like wheelchair, stretcher, etc), appointment timings, patient and hospital location, special vehicle requirements, availability of paramedics, schedule compliance, flexibility with changes on the go, and more.

As an initial step, we took a deep dive into the current process mechanism and promptly gathered the fact that we are venturing into unmarked territory. It gave us all the more reason to apply grit to make it achievable. We established in depth knowhow of the problem in hand so that we could prepare for an innovative solution that would create a huge impact.

Manual scheduling for ASENT

Exploring optimized page structure

Exploring optimized page structure

  • Single page design with multiple features
  • Powerful filters to adapt the scheduler view
  • Progressive disclosure to simplify the interfaces

The core screen of the product was that of scheduling. This screen had to accommodate multiple aspects like a list of upcoming jobs, a timeline view that would give a summary of schedule for every vehicle with an additional option to expand and view more details as well as make edits.

The map view should accommodate the vehicles’ schedule along with the overview of jobs. It should also allow the zoom-in feature for tracking the specifics of any vehicle. All of this should be easy to view across multiple filter parameters as well as ability to approve, make necessary edits, accommodate last minute changes, and give clarity of compliance. Keeping all of these particulars into consideration to collate them together in a single experience involved multiple iterations, prototyping, testing, and optimizing the view to best serve the goals of the audience.

Page structure grid for ASENT
“They’re very detail-oriented and suggest great ideas to improve our product. Our meetings often transitioned into brainstorming sessions, where their staff displayed their refined industry experience and knowledge.”
Product DeveloperDeccan International

Comprehensive timeline view of vehicle schedule

Comprehensive timeline view of vehicle schedule

  • Clarity of compliance and schedule
  • Convenient navigation across the timeline
  • Red Dot Award winner for interaction design

The timeline view had to be designed to accommodate the schedule of the entire day across all the vehicles. If the viewer is interested in viewing the details about a specific run and understanding all the jobs inside it, he should be able to do it with just a single click. The compliance of the jobs should be surfaced clearly. The schedule of paramedic staff accompanying the patient inside the vehicle should be easy to access as well. Additionally the break schedules are important for compliance and should be clearly visible and easy to edit.

The approval of schedules should be possible at individual job level as well as across the schedule of a single vehicle or all the vehicles in a single click. The vertical and horizontal scroll should be convenient and useful in helping the user zoom in and out at any given point to view specific information. Details about a given job should be visible if the user is interested in gathering more insights.

This experience is adaptive, complete, and flexible. The power of this system lies in the intersection of density of information, progressive disclosure and visual richness. This coherent platform has won the Red Dot Award for its excellent output and innovation.

Efficient and adaptive vehicle schedule interface
ASENT wins UX Design Awards for exceptional product experience design
ASENT wins UX Design Awards for exceptional product experience design

Adaptive map view catering to contextual information

Adaptive map view catering to contextual information

  • Customization as per requisite specifics
  • Filters and zooming to adapt the view

The map view is designed to adapt to the context of what the user is viewing in the scheduler. When zoomed out, the data is summarized in the form of charts. The user can further get into granular information to gather detailed stats. When zoomed in, individual pick-up and drop-off points are plotted on the map.

When the user is viewing the map in the context of a run, the entire route of the vehicle is plotted on the map along with various pick-up and drop-off points as well as the current location of the vehicle. Multiple filters are available to customize the view as per specific user requirements’.

Adaptive map view of ASENT

Coding customized & complex charts

Coding customized & complex charts

  • Customized charts without any third party
  • Optimum use of SVGs to develop charts

The complexity of data we wanted to show in the carts was huge. Some of the stats had to be carefully visualized and none of the readymade libraries provided what we needed.

We developed in-house customized charts without using any third party libraries to plot the data that is user friendly and has cross browser & cross platform support. SVGs were used to develop the charts as it can take any shape that the application needs. We also developed a solution for exporting these charts in the form of PDFs and Images.

Customized charts developed for ASENT
ASENT wins iF Design Award 2023
ASENT wins iF Design Award 2023

Customizing map library to display stats

Customizing map library to display stats

  • Resolvng technical issues to display stats on the map

The library we used to plot the pick-up and drop-off points did not have any in-built support for rendering the charts on the map. By using its internal point mapping methods, we customized the library to display the pie charts that showed grouped data of particular areas.

Customized map library coding for ASENT
ASENT adaptive dashboard design
ASENT adaptive dashboard design


A dynamic dashboard which adapts as the day progresses. Gives complete clarity about pipeline, compliance and highlights necessary stats.

ASENT admin workspace for customization


Administrator’s workspace to completely customize the platform as per the needs of their infrastructure. Multiple ways to customize the scheduler algorithm as well.

ASENT mobile experience for driver

Mobile Experience for Driver

Driver gets live updates about the patient pick-up and drop-off points. The entire run is pre planned for effient ride, maximum utility of resources as well as compliance.

Mobile Experience for Driver

Driver gets live updates about the patient pick-up and drop-off points. The entire run is pre planned for effient ride, maximum utility of resources as well as compliance.

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