Designing a hiring experience for those with unique talent needs

Hirevalley is a webapp that makes hiring hassle-free, fruitful and long-term. It provides better reach to a larger talent pool and fast access to uniquely qualified talent, in the world of big data and social networks. We imbibed innovation and ease of use into the platform through thoughtful design for both recruiters and job seekers.

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Making matches between talent and opportunites

Hirevalley is more than a skill network platform. It helps talented individuals with increased visibility and recruiters with an end-end hiring support. It stays instrumental throughout the whole recruitment process - right from posting jobs, to finding people, selecting and interviewing people, and finally hiring them.


A rocking team of 4 UX Designers successfully executed this project.

““What is found fundamentally different is having a great understanding or having the courage to learn a different domain, learn about the business, learn about the users and then craft an experience which is so simple, so easy, and so amazing.””
Neil ShahCo-founder, Hire Valley
Hire Valley Candidate Scorecard UI

Differentiating the product in a competitive industry

Differentiating the product in a competitive industry

  • Creating a balance between uniqueness and standardisation
  • Close study of user journey
  • Analysing the market and competitors

Recruitment is a competitive and saturated domain. Although the product brief was quite unique compared to the existing apps, it was very important for us to understand the existing state of the market and consciously define the differentiators. We had to create a unique product that could stand out in the clutter. We handled this challenge by studying the existing apps in the market and their user journey.

Hire Valley Market Study Analysis
Hire Valley Competitor Analysis

Going beyond just publishing a job

Going beyond just publishing a job

  • An interview plan for structured hiring
  • Detailed breakdown of interview process

The final goal of the employer is to hire great talent that stays for a long time. Hirevalley not only helps in posting and monitoring jobs, but also extends to the hiring process/recruitment process.

Interview Plan ensures that an organization has a structured hiring process. Through an interview plan, the recruiter can specify the purpose of each interview that leads to higher satisfaction and better recruitment process management.

Recruiter can add the interview stage, interview kit to evaluate job compatibility, interview planning and scheduling.

Recruiter can also define the approval body for the final hiring decision. After this setup, the recruiter can publish the job post.

Hire Valley Job overview experience

Quantifying feedback about candidate and make data-driven decisions

Quantifying feedback about candidate and make data-driven decisions

  • Addressed the need to collect feedback for mindful recruitment decisions
  • Introduced scorecards as a way to document feedback
  • Designed smart algorithms to suggest favourable attributes

It is a challenge to collect feedback from the hiring team as well to quantify the feedback for making well-informed, data-driven decisions.

We dealt with this problem using scorecards. The idea was, the recruiter could create a talent-specific scorecard that will be used for feedback collection and decision making.

This allowed recruiters to define desired characteristics and attributes that the recruiter is trying to employ. For eg. the ability to demonstrate critical thinking and creative problem solving, education criteria that need to be met, etc.

Smart algorithms we designed to suggest relevant categories and attributes to make the process faster.

TerraceAg Discovery Process

Journey after the job is published

Journey after the job is published

  • Representation of candidate information in scannable format
  • Conceptualisation of ‘pipeline’
  • Bucketing up of candidate details for easy reference

Once a job is published and recruiters receive applications, it's a hassle to scan, evaluate and manage candidates for a job.

We were required to represent this information in a scannable format for the employer as well as help them manage steps of the recruitment process.

SOLUTION: Pipeline is a kanban view where employers can view the candidates and organize them in the respective bucket.

Hire Valley dashboard card interaction

Hand holding for the interview process

Hand holding for the interview process

  • Feature to view and create interview maps
  • Scorecard widget to evaluate candidates
  • Mindful data-driven recruitment decisions in future

Interview is a crucial step in the hiring process. No other app helped recruiters through the interview process, back when we helped build Hire Valley.

We designed a feature where recruiters could view system suggested interview maps and also create an interview map. They could then virtually interview candidates. During the interviews, recruiters would have necessary information about candidates, handy. Also included were the scorecard widget to give score to the candidate during the interview - so that they can make data driven decisions later.

Hire Valley video and scorecard design

Effective candidates management

Effective candidates management

  • Aggregating candidate list
  • Viewing and managing candidates across all jobs

It is annoying to sort candidates and run the qualifying process, when you are recruiting for diverse roles. Life becomes a lot easier if you can view all of it in one single place. We brought across an aggregate list, to view and manage all candidates across all jobs.

Hire Valley dashboard designs

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