Designing the experience for public bicycle sharing

The aim was to make public bicycle sharing experience that’s easy to use and encourages use of bicycles and public transport. Thereby helps cities become sustainable, congestion & pollution free and citizens healthier.

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Elevating the public bike sharing experience for MyByk

MYBYK is a bike rental & sharing app that aims to encourage use of bicycles and public transport and thereby help cities turn sustainable, congestion & pollution free. Our aim as MyByk’s design partners were to improve the overall bike booking and returning process and to effectively track complaints.


A rocking team of 3 UX Designers successfully executed this project.

MyByk UI Details for bike selection

Identifying existing user frustrations and resolving them

“The major challenge we faced was to identify the problem faced by the existing users. To solve that, we visited MyByk Hubs and observed users while they interacted with the product & took home the feedback. After gathering all issues, we started working towards a solution which included one-click booking & smart suggestions for the nearest hub.”
Krutik BhavsarSr. UX Designer, Aubergine Solutions

Syncing the worlds of digital and physical

Syncing the worlds of digital and physical

  • Solving complexity that comes with digital products with physical assets
  • Catering to use cases like finding nearby hub and bike availability

A digital product that accompanies a physical product is a whole different story as compared to a digital only product. We had to cater to complex use cases like finding a hub nearby and making sure users are aware of the availability status of the bike before they reach there, sound signals for locking and unlocking the bike, communication around damaged bikes and many more!

MyByk Workflow diagram

Heuristic evaluation of current app

Heuristic evaluation of current app

  • Performed detailed evaluation of app from usability perspective
  • Uncovered problems like discoverability issues and scanty user controls

The fact that all of us who were designing this app have also been a user of this app was the most exciting part of this project. When we observed the app with our usability experts glasses on, we found a huge scope of improvement. There was a tremendous need for an overhaul because the problems ranged right from consistency to discoverability and even the user's mental model. Here is a summary of the report we prepared with detailed analysis.

MyByk Workflow diagram

In-depth domain research to understand product

In-depth domain research to understand product

  • An in-depth discovery phase, including primary and secondary research
  • Stakeholder and user interviews, market study and competitor analysis
  • The Discovery phase was divided into Primary Research and Secondary Research.
  • Primary Research: It included stakeholder interviews which helped us understand the product from business point of view. It also involved user interview, usability testing & affinity mapping
  • Secondary Research: This phase involved the understanding & heuristic evaluation of the existing product. Market & competitor analysis helped in understanding the market.
MyByk Workflow diagram

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

  • Detailed competitive analysis to find out strengths and opportunities
  • Study of international players to analyse their user experience

Competitive Analysis helped us understand industry standards & identify opportunities for the product within its particular niche. Market study revealed that there were only a handful of players in the market, the industry being very intense on investment requirements. The User Experience of a few international players was very inspiring.

MyByk Competitive Analysis

Creating a user journey with solely users in mind

Creating a user journey with solely users in mind

  • Using all feedback and user pain points into consideration
  • Laying ground to a user journey focused on user’s emotions

User journey is a crucial phase of the design process. Taking all the information into account and plotting it all into steps in such a way that all pain points are covered, was very important. It was also important to consider user emotions, while laying ground to user journey.

Mybyk User Journey Mapping
MyByk Nearest Hub User Interface

Search the nearest hub for the ride

Hub locator gives you the exact distance of the nearest hub & also updates you on the availability status of working bicycles.

MyByk Unlocking a bike interaction

Unlocking a bike

The bikes have inbuilt sim which helps the app in detecting them. User needs to pick the right code that appears on the bike to unlock it! As simple as that.

MyByk Ongoing Ride Experience

The ongoing journey

Users get all the necessary information when it comes to the summary of their ongoing or completed rides. They can give feedback too.

MyByk Subscriptions plans and Wallet visuals

Selecting a plan

Simple ways to make payments are a must, considering that the audience may not necessarily be tech savvy

MyByk Reporting Mock-ups

Reporting an issue

If the user comes across a problem with any of the bikes, they can easily report the problem for the support team to handle it.

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