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We designed a disruptive app to ease every student’s journey to be exam-ready.

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Design an ed-tech product that makes exam preparation less grilling

Pedagogy is a platform where students get access to unlimited books from trusted publishers and coaching institutes. The goal is to minimise the cost for entrance exam preparation and maximise avenues of sure shot success. The prime features were availability of physical books in digital forms, facilitation of smart adaptive test practice and insights into performance. We were instrumental in conceptualising and designing the responsive web and mobile applications for students and coaching classes as well as a statistical dashboard for publishers.

“Aubergine Solutions’ job was designing the UI/UX of the product but they got involved in the product’s conceptualization as well, which I really loved. They delved into the product strategy and gave us some great ideas during our brainstorming sessions.”
Abhilash SonwaneCEO, Pedagogy.Study
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Many goal chasers, many use cases… just one app to address all needs

“Once the app was designed, we started facing interesting challenges. Users would say ‘you don’t offer anything for free’ for example. Every challenge was addressed with detailed strategic brainstorming sessions followed by carefully crafting the experience in every single step of the mobile and the web app.”
Bhakti DudharaDirector of UX Design, Aubergine Solutions

Introducing new features in a dynamic market

Introducing new features in a dynamic market

  • Regular brainstorming workshops
  • Feature concept analysis and finalisation
  • Student behaviour analysis
  • We started with a set of few basic features revolving around the core concept of the product. Very soon the product started getting traction and we had to ramp up our game. We conducted regular brainstorming sessions to discuss various differentiating strategies for introducing useful new features.
  • One such feature which we named the Infinity pass, could give access to a ton of books or reading material across multiple publishers, at a fixed monthly subscription. Imagine Netflix for anything you would need to be ready for an exam. The challenge with this, however, was understanding the mental model of students and helping them find value in this concept.
Pedagogy App participation in Design Strategy

Implementing tracking and analysis of test performance

Implementing tracking and analysis of test performance

  • Measuring progress and gathering motivation through leaderboards
  • Empowering customized tests for users to take control
  • This was specifically challenging to achieve because students could access various courses and books, study them and take mock tests for all of them. There were features like smart adaptive tests, test simulation and custom test curation using a combination of courses.
  • Then there was the ability to track progress and compare test performances against other students. The ecosystem
  • Doing so much, in a way that is not confusing to all cadres of students was challenging. We achieved this by using work-flows that would go well for students from all kinds of social and economic backgrounds.
Pedagogy tracking and analysis interaction design
5 star reviews of 4000+ users on Google Play
5 star reviews of 4000+ users on Google Play
  • Best app for question practice through smart practice features. One of the best apps in terms of UI and adaptive learning.
Anuj Kumar, April 5, 2020

Considering implications of cultural and economic background

Considering implications of cultural and economic background

  • Simplified and intuitive onboarding
  • Designing for linguistic diversity
  • Light and dark modes
  • Pedagogy’s target audience are students preparing for competitive exams (NEET, JEE, NET, Banking, CTET, UPSC and more). The audience is vast, their native languages are different and their economic backgrounds are varied.
  • In some cases, the family shares one smartphone, which is available to the student after the parent is back from work at night. This led us to design a simplified onboarding and introduce features like night mode and more.
Pedagogy tracking and analysis interaction design
Edtech startup Vedantu acquires majority stake in Pedagogy
Edtech startup Vedantu acquires majority stake in Pedagogy

Designing for different responsive breakpoints

Designing for different responsive breakpoints

  • Maintaining design consistency across devices
  • Use of progressive disclosure for mobile screens
  • Optimal utilisation of screen real estate
  • While a huge set of people have a mobile phone easily accessible, a lot of them prefer to prepare on a wider screen of their personal laptops. Moreover, diverse groups of people own smartphones with different screen sizes.
  • Hence, every feature and use case had to be carefully crafted for mobile as well as web based users. Ensuring consistency while making the best use of real estate available in the web and leveraging progressive disclosure in the mobile app were solutions to these key challenges.
Pedagogy responsive breakpoints design

Customization heaven for content creators

Customization heaven for content creators

  • Complex customisations for content creators
  • Hand-holding non tech-savvy users for better end-user experience
  • Literally, the app was made mouldable for content creators. Since publishers and coaching classes were the prime fuel contributors to the app, we wanted to make it as easy for them as possible, to impart knowledge their way.
  • The aim was to help them make the app their own, so as to effectively manage and facilitate remote learning. Designing a customization experience for non tech savvy users was a key challenge we addressed here.
Pedagogy content creators user experience

Adding brand characters to the product

Adding brand characters to the product

  • Adding personality through visual language
  • The visual language of the product was carefully crafted to cater to the young audience. Vibrant colors added the element of liveliness to an otherwise boring idea of studies. The fun and playful illustrations and icons were designed to add personality to the product.
Pedagogy brand character definition UI style guide
Pedagogy onboarding new users

Guided onboarding of new users

The audience of this application could be coming from various backgrounds and may not have enough exposure towards using multiple mobile apps in English language. These guided onboarding workflows made sure that the students clearly understand how to navigate through the application and what to expect.

Curate your own test with questions of multiple books

Students can customize their tests with a rich repository of questions from multiple books. They can opt for smart practice with can constantly measure the level of the student and keeps showing relevant questions for practice. Students can practically access the entire book in a digital format as well as save important flash cards for quick revision later on.

Pedagogy test and practice experience design
Pedagogy ranking and leaderboard mock-up

Finding where you stand in the competition

Students can easily view where they stand as compared to their peers all across the nation who are preparing for the same exam. The coaching institutes can also see the performance of their students in a ranked order.

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