Building an effective and smart document management platform

Document storage and segregation seems easy, till the point you have a pile and don’t know what to do with it any more. Tikler is a much needed solution to this problem and we are its design and tech partners.

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Clutterfree, effective and insightful document management

Tikler brings together the two main components of efficient document management - critical tracking and intuitive storage. We built the platform to be a clutter-free space to upload, identify and later track documents, with utmost efficiency.

“Everyone has praised the product not only for the way it solves their problems and the bug-free implementation but also its sleekness and modern design — its simplicity is a game-changer.”
Abdi AliCo-Founder, Tikler
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Differentiating Tikler from its competitors was the biggest of all challenges

“The Discover & Define phases of this product were quite challenging because many competitors have a similar kind of product approach. The challenge was to identify how Tikler stands apart from its competitors. Providing a minimal, flexible & accessible approach to users was a good experience.”
Krutik BhavsarSr. UX Designer, Aubergine Solutions

Defining an accessible and flexible layout

Defining an accessible and flexible layout

  • A layout that helps view relevant information
  • A flexible structure to meet all user goals

Keeping documents and folders organized is a constant struggle, specifically when things pile up. The challenge here was to design a layout that helps view relevant information. We explored multiple layouts and information grouping to facilitate efficiency. After several iterations we designed a structure that is flexible for unique user goals, easily accessible and efficient to use.

Tikler low-fertility flexible layout explorations

Making the document overview, insightful

Making the document overview, insightful

  • Custom template for capturing important parameters
  • Scalable design to meet all customisation needs

Imagine tracking a bunch of attributes associated with documents, especially legal documents - right from contract number to important dates, without having to open the document! Now imagine the power of the document alerting you that it needs to be renewed! Using Tikler, anyone can create a custom document template format that helps in capturing important parameters. Custom document templates gave flexibility in adapting these fields based on the inputs required for a given organization. The design had to be scalable and adaptable to all possible customizations.

Tikler document overview experience design
“We’ve been accepted by two startup accelerator programs.”
“We’ve been accepted by two startup accelerator programs.”
Abdi Ali Co-Founder, Tikler

Document signing with AWS S3

Document signing with AWS S3

  • Secure document signing solution
  • 2-days validity of signatures and secured storing of signed URL

GraphQL gave a single endpoint API to the front-end. So, the challenging part was to sign the documents and the profile images to be stored in the S3 bucket for security purposes due to their high confidentiality. We came up with a solution to sign the document with 2 days of validity and store the signed URL in the database. Every day with the help of the CRON job we signed all the URLs and replaced the expired ones.

Tikler document signing technical solution using AWS S3
“It was a complete exposure for me to work as a full -stack developer and learn the management skills.”
Krunal RajkotiyaAssociate Software Engineer, Aubergine Solutions

GraphQL document upload

GraphQL document upload

  • Used Apollo-upload-client for document and photo uploads

We were using the Apollo client to connect our GraphQL API with react. So, uploading documents was quite a tricky part. After some research, we decided to use the apollo-upload-client for document and photo upload. apollo-upload-client is a library that allows you to upload files in GraphQL mutations without needing to create a REST endpoint to handle these uploads.

Tikler GraphQL document upload tech solution
Tikler files management user experience
Tikler files management user experience


Files contain a list of folders, pinned folder, quick access & recently edited files by other users. Users can increase the width of the folder view in the left panel.

Tikler calendar UI Design of document reminders


Calendar contains the reminder of all the important documents & notifies users to take action on it. Users can preview the document details on the right.

Tikler user experience design for  document template creation
Tikler user experience design for  document template creation

Create Document Template

Option to create document template for admin. It is useful to identify the important details about the document while uploading.

Tikler interaction design for uploading multiple documents

Upload multiple documents

Users can upload multiple documents & have to enter all the crucial details about that document.

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